U.K. issues new bioweapon cleanup guide

The United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office has formally issued a new version of its guidance on the cleanup of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear decontamination.

The new document, entitled “Strategic National Guidance: The Decontamination of Buildings, Infrastructure, and Open Environment Exposed to Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Materials," was made to facilitate contingency planning among private and public sector organizations, according to ContinuityCentral.com.

The guidance offers basic information on the decontamination and remediation that could potentially be required in the wake of a deliberate or accidental release of dangerous substances. It is intended to replace a guidance published in 2004 by the Department of the Environment - currently the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The document builds on the 2004 issue, but offers its information in a shorter and more accessible format, ContinuityCentral.com reports. It covers key elements in the process for decontamination following an incident, demonstrating what to do from developing an initial recovery strategy through managing waste and returning things back to normal.

The principal roles of key organizations in the process have been identified, elucidated and expanded upon. Planning and precautionary measures have been highlighted to promote better understanding for those that are either interested in, or require, the information, ContinuityCentral.com reports.