Indiana group to hold bioterror simulation

A group that organizes disaster drills in Indiana has chosen to conduct one in 2011 that centers around a bioterrorism attack.

The Coalition for Emergency Response designs a disaster drill every year to help monitor the responses of partnering organizations, hospitals and clinics in northwest Indiana, according to

Coalition member David Milen is the bioterrorism/disaster preparedness coordinator at Franciscan St. Margaret Health in Hammond and Dyer. Milen told that the drills help put together plans should the disasters occur in real life.

The coalition intends to run the bioterrorism drill in September and has hired a contractor to help pull it off.

Last September, the coalition simulated the aftermath of a tornado in the area. Planning for the tornado drill, the coalition’s second such effort, involved more than 35 organizations in a five county area. There is as yet no word as to what next year’s emergency simulation might be.

Also in Indiana, the Senate recently voted unanimously to support a bill that allows Indiana to call on and to assist emergency teams in neighboring states. Under Senate Bill 6, state and local units of government can enter into agreements with units of government in other states with similar legislation, according to

If passed into law, Indiana will be the first state in the Midwest to adopt an interstate agreement model. Similar agreements are gaining support in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.