FBI investigating mystery substance in Ohio home

A team of FBI authorities from Quantico, Virginia, and Pittsburgh were brought in to investigate a suspicious and potentially deadly substance in a house in Coventry Township, Ohio, on Tuesday.

Local authorities had been alerted on  Monday after a the new owner of the house found a canister with the material inside. The substance was later recognized as potentially lethal, which resulted in a call to the FBI, according to Fox Channel 8.

"We want to make sure we play this safe and package the substance correctly, and take it back to Maryland and have it analyzed properly in a laboratory," FBI Special Agent Scott Wilson said, according to Fox Channel 8. "If the substance is what was reported to the FBI, it would be deadly to humans."

The FBI teams sent to the site are the same ones that handle hazardous materials, including biological and chemical warfare weapons. Rumors spread that the substance was a biological weapon but Wilson did not confirm or deny those rumors.

"We certainly won't disclose what we think it might be because it's only speculation," Wilson said, Fox Channel 8 reports. "We want to make sure it's dangerous substance to begin with."

Some nearby residents considered leaving town until they are sure it is safe, Fox Channel 8 reports. At this time, investigators do not believe there is any danger to nearby people and they do not think the substance is terrorist related.