Vermont National Guard to protect Super Bowl from biothreats

The Vermont National Guard is sending 16 members of a team that are trained to respond to an attack using weapons of mass destruction, including bioweapons, to provide security at the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas.

The 15th Civil Support Team of the Vermont National Guard will be one of several teams that have been trained to respond to events that involve radiation, biological agents and chemicals, the team’s commander, Lt. Col. Malcolm Snell, said, according to the Associated Press.

The Vermont National Guard is also trained to deal with other major events, such as national disasters.

"So if it's a natural disaster we can respond, but we can also respond for man-made disasters which would be chemical, biological or nuclear rad type of environment," Snell said, according to "So if a terrorist or somebody tried to infiltrate the area with some type of contaminated device, we can go in there and identify what the source is that's being used."

Snell’s team, along with teams from other states, will provide surveillance of the entire facility.

Most of the team will be leaving on the Thursday before the game. Others will be leaving over the weekend.

The troops said that they hope to be able watch the game on one of the stadium’s huge outdoor jumbotrons, according to