ONE Suit Pro provides more effective hazardous materials suit

Members of the 17th Civil Engineer Squadron have won awards for their "ONE Suit Pro" idea, which serves as a replacement for other more expensive, less effective hazardous material suits.

The idea was submitted to the Air Force Innovative Development through Employee Awareness program to create a more effective suit than the department's current Hazardous Materials Level-A and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear suits, AFNS reports. These suits are used by first responders to enter toxic or health-contaminated environments that may have an immediate danger to life.

"We conducted research of the different models of suits available in the open market and came across a suit that was one of a kind," Jeff Wilkins, a member of the 17th CES, said, according to AFNS. "The suit was the only one that covered both National Fire Protection Association Code 1991 for HazMat Level-A suits and NFPA Code 1994 for CBRN Terrorism Incidents requirements. The suit also has a seven-plus-year shelf-life, which is extendable until it can no longer pass the pressure tests, all at a fraction of the cost of the other two suits."

By purchasing the new ONE Suit Pro suits, the team will save approximately $57,502.83 in initial purchases and will end up saving an additional $115,005.66 due to the longer shelf life of the new suits.

Wilkins and his team are pleased to be both improving quality and saving money.

"It's also about improving the quality of service we deliver to our Air Force family," Wilkins said, AFNS reports. "Saving taxpayers' money while improving our quality of service is what our customers expect from us. Winning this award tells our customers that we are doing what they expect of us."