Aniston Army Depot finishes mustard mortar disposal

The Anniston Chemical Disposal Facility at the Anniston Army Depot in Alabama recently finished its mustard-filled mortar disposal campaign and will pause operations for a two to three week period.

During the pause in disposal operations, the workforce will conduct a series of changeover activities to prepare itself for the demilitarization of the depot’s stockpile of mustard-filled 155mm projectiles, according to

Managers at the ANCDF have made note that a small number of mortars will not be processed at the site. Since this batch is not suitable for disposal by the automated equipment used at ANCDF, it will be sent to the Static Detonation Chamber, which was purchased and assembled last year at the depot. It is currently being tested according to Alabama permit requirements before being authorized for use by the depot.

Similar changeover activities were performed beginning around Christmas 2008, when the last nerve agent-filled munitions were processed. Two weeks passed before the first mustard gas mortars were processed at the site.

Since then, 258,300 mortars have been disposed of within the ANCDF. Less than 14 percent of the stockpile remains.

The new program, expected to begin later this month, is already being prepared for, with Anniston Chemical Activity employees delivering the first 155mm projectiles. Each projectile weighs approximately 100 pounds and contains seven quarts of mustard agent.