Anthrax hoax letter found in New York

A suspicious white powder found inside of an envelope last Tuesday that was sent to the Cortland County Jail in Courtland, New York, is now believed to be baby powder, according to the county sheriff's office.

While the state's Wadsworth Center biodefense laboratory in Albany, New York, has not yet finished its three-part test on the white powder, the preliminary tests have shown that the tests were negative for any biological hazards, according to

"The investigation is continuing, but at this time the powdery substance is believed to be baby powder," officials said, according to

The powder was discovered by a corrections officer checking incoming mail on Tuesday. It was addressed to an inmate at the facility and prompted the officer to call the Cortland Fire Department. Four officers were sent to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse to be checked for any effects of the powder.

When a discovery is made of a powdery substance in an envelope, it is suggested to leave the package isolated and in place, to move away from the area where it is located, call 911, vigorously wash your hands and to keep anyone who has been exposed in the general area until authorities arrive, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department.