Israel creates NBC battalion

A special military battalion called the Yanshuf with the main task of dealing with non-conventional attacks, including biological, chemical or nuclear missile assault, has been created in Israel by armed forces commanders.

Israeli officials told that the possibility of these types of attacks rises every year, especially with Iran moving forward in the production of nuclear warheads. Syria has also continued to stockpile deadly Sarin and VX nerve gas that can be used by its Russian-supplied missile force.

The Yanshuf will be ready and available for rapid deployment to any part of Israel, which is only 280 miles long and smaller than 50 miles wide.

"Not far from us, the Syrians are diligently developing warring capabilities that we must prepare for," Major General Sami Turgeman said at a recent military ceremony inaugurating the battalion, according to "Our job now is not to prepare for conventional occurrences, but to prepare for the extreme event, and the Yanshuf battalion is the spearhead for this defense."

Israel is currently embroiled in a long-standing conflict with Palestine as part of a general Arab-Israeli conflict. Palestine wishes to form a Palestinian state alongside an independent Jewish state while multiple conflicts have occurred in the past between Israel and nearby countries, including Syria, Jordan and Iran.