Fort Hood soldiers train on new NBC vehicle

Soldiers from Fort Hood in Texas of the Second Brigade Combat Team, First Cavalry Division, recently trained on the new Stryker Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance vehicle given to the unit this year.  

The new vehicle gives soldiers the opportunity to move freely in an environment struck by an accident or a terrorist attack and to detect the presence of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents from the safety of their vehicle, according to

The 16 week training course allowed soldiers to learn every component of the vehicle and how to use it on specific mission tasks. Four soldiers take position inside a Stryker, including a driver, vehicle commander, surveyor and assistant surveyor. The surveyors collect samples of any potential bioterror threats.

Currently, there are approximately 100 soldiers in the Army that are trained on the newest Stryker NBCRV, though soldiers must continue to train on a regular basis to maintain the skills they've learned.

"This is a very perishable skill," Sgt. First Class Carlos Gomez, a reconnaissance platoon sergeant for the Second Special Troops Battalion, Second BCT, said, according to "The equipment is very advanced, and if you don't regularly keep up with how to use it, you won't be able to do it for long."