India receives CBRN-resistant vehicles

The first completely indigenous nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicles, created by the Defense Research and Development Organization, were given to the Indian Army during a ceremony in Pune on Tuesday.

These vehicles are the first in a limited series production order that will include 16 more vehicles, which the DRDO is confident they can deliver by 2013, India's Daily News & Analysis reports.

"With the possibility of non-state actors possessing such weapons, the NBC warfare agents pose a potential threat to the country," Dr. W. Selvamurthy, DRDO chief controller of research and development, said, according to India MSN. "The Defense Research and Development Organization has prepared the country to deal with any NBC eventuality with formulation of standard operational procedure at response."

The NBC reconnaissance vehicles are fitted with hi-tech sensors that can monitor chemically and radiologically contaminated areas while providing protection to the crew. The vehicles, which resemble tanks, can fix flag marks without anybody needing to leave the vehicle, according to the Daily News & Analysis.

The DRDO developed these vehicles at their defense lab in Jodhpur, with the NBC elements added by the Bharat Electronics Ltd. In Pune.

"DRDO has already delivered more than 35 state-of-the-art systems for NBC defense to the Armed Forces of the production value of Rs 500 crore (around $110 million US)," Selvamurthy said, according to India MSN. "These products also have export potentials for friendly countries."