Terrier military vehicle to utilize CBRN protection system

BAE Systems PLC will use the U.S. company Pall Corporation’s chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection systems for their Terrier military vehicle to protect occupants from all known chemical warfare agents.

The Pall CBRN protection system which, will be integrated in AMETEK’s environmental control system, removes CBRN material from air that has been contaminated. The system is self-regenerated and is referred to as a “fit and forget” system that can protect against all currently known threats.

The system is more effective than traditional carbon technology units, which are ineffective against chemical agents known as carbon breakers and some toxic industrial chemicals.

Pall’s CBRN system uses a regenerable pressure swing adsorption unit that can withstand all vibrations and shocks that are endured by military vehicles. The technology has been tested successfully with TICs, toxic industrial materials and live agents at independent laboratories in the U.S. and the U.K.

“Being selected for this important project recognizes the work that Pall has done to develop the PSA technology to meet the specific CBRN requirements of a military vehicle platform,” Jim Western, president of Pall Aeropower, said.

Pall Corporation is a world leader in separation, filtration and purification. The aeropower division of the company works on solutions for many commercial and military aircraft and other vehicles.