NanoScale Corporation demonstrates decontamination kits

NanoScale Corporation, based in Manhattan, Kansas, demonstrated its new decontamination kits to around 30 soldiers in the 172nd Chemica-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear Company at Fort Riley in preparation for the kits’ release next year.

NanoScale received a $30 million army contract last year to manufacture the kits, ABC Channel 49 reports. The company will be making 360 kits an hour, 24 hours a day and seven days a week starting in 2011.

“Those mitts are one of the first things that we use when we decon our equipment and our masks before removal,” Fort Riley solider Rozanna Holloway said, according to ABC Channel 49. “It’s very vital to every element in our decon area.”

The soldiers watched as the seals were tested for holes and all packaging was proven to be waterproof. The kits contain a mitt with a chemical in the front pouch. While the kits can be used for deployment, they may also be valuable on a local level.

“Most people don’t realize that it’s not just for warfare,” Fort Riley soldier Susan Prince said, ABC Channel 49 reports. “Even, say, for instance, this place, if they had a meltdown of some sort or another, they would need someone to come in and take care of all that. We actually could be called on to get rid of all that contamination, on the people, on the equipment, on the area itself and that makes our job a whole lot more important than just say the military aspect of it.”

The army contract with NanoScale is five years long. The company is also looking for ways to improve other army equipment, including the breathability of decontamination suits.