Indiana woman fears she may have been poisoned by anthrax

A Plainfield, Indiana, woman is part of a police investigation after she has claimed that an ex-boyfriend may have poisoned her with a toxic substance like anthrax or ricin that has lead to multiple health problems.

Lisa Schmitt had recently split up with her ex-boyfriend and noticed symptoms after coming into contact with a yellowish substance on furniture that she had received back from the ex-boyfriend. Schmitt had also seen the substance at his house, The Indy Channel reports.

Doctors as of yet have had no luck identifying the cause of her symptoms.

“I had to take antibiotics,” Schmitt said, according to The Indy Channel. “It didn’t do any good; had to use an asthma inhaler, nasal sprays, and I’m currently being tested.”

A neighbor reported the situation to the police after speaking with Schmitt. Schmitt had no luck getting any answers out of her ex-boyfriend.

“I asked him what it was, and he wouldn’t give me a straight answer, and that’s when he smarted off and said that he had anthrax and ricin, him and his friends, in underground storage, in a boiler room, or possibly a furnace room,” Schmitt said, according to The Indy Channel. “That’s all he said. He just kept laughing at me, and I don’t know if he was serious or not serious.”

According to Schmitt, the man works as a private company’s security guard. She thinks he is originally from the Middle East. Police confirmed to The Indy Channel that the case is currently being investigated by a task force, though they declined to mention what kind of task force it was.