NAS surprised by FBI's release of additional Amerithrax data

The National Academy of Sciences has stated they were surprised by the FBI’s release of extra information over a month after the NAS panel had completed its review examining the scientific methods used in the 2001 anthrax attack investigation.

“We were surprised given our prior request for all relevant information,” E. William Colglazier, the executive officer of the NAS and chief operating officer of the National Research Council, said, according to the Frederick News Post.

The committee had finished its review earlier in the fall and submitted a draft of the report to the FBI for a security review on October 27. The FBI sent a summary of additional information to the NAS on December 3 and asked the committee to include this information before it was finalized, according to the Frederick News-Post.

“We have determined that some of this material is the type of information previously requested by the committee during the course of its review and that some of this information is relevant to the committee’s report,” Colglazier said, according to The Frederick News Post. “To consider this information, the committee will reconvene for one last meeting.”

The panel agreed to delay the report’s release until February and requested that the FBI send all additional information by December 15. Extending the study is estimated to cost an additional $50,000 to cover travel and holding expenses for the 15 volunteer committee members.