BioNeutral Group developing biothreat disinfectants

BioNeutral Group, Inc., has been successfully developing a line of cleaning and disinfecting formulas that can neutralize hospital superbugs and anthrax spores.

The enterprise, housed in a business incubator building at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, produces the Ygiene line, which is currently waiting for approval of its claims to kill germs on contact. Its previous product, Ogiene, is already being sold as a cleaner and odor neutralizer, reports.

Ygiene, the anti-microbial line of products, was submitted to the EPA for approval in the middle of August 2010. BioNeutral expects to have positive results back in the middle of January 2011.

Stephen Browand, president and CEO of BioNeutral, called the process of gaining EPA approval very difficult.

“Our EPA application is 1,474 pages — for one formula.” Browand said, according to “Each and every organism that we made the claim on — we had to cover bacteria, we had to cover viruses, we had to cover spores.”

BioNeutral used prophylactic anthrax from laboratories at New York University to test the Ygiene line. When asked if the testing was successful, Browand replied, “If we touch it, we kill it.”

According to Browand, the anti-microbial agents could be used to fog airplanes, cruise ships and classrooms. They are then able to breakdown into harmless substances that cause no damage to the environment.

“Our mantra is science to save lives and protect the environment,” Browand said, according to

BioNeutral was founded in 2003. Its original goal was to produce products that neutralize greenhouse gasses.

In 2005, Dr. Andy Kielbania, the company’s chief scientist, joined the company. In 2008, Browand, who had owned a security consulting firm, came on as a director. After the company went public in 2009, Browand became president and CEO.