Homeland Security and Defense Business Council releases biothreat monograph

The Homeland Security and Defense Business Council recently released its fourth in a series of monographs in its 9/10/11 project, focusing on the nation’s efforts to deter biological threats.

The organization plans to release a monograph on the 10th of each month through September 11, 2011. Each one will focus on the history of a homeland security issue and the nation’s current efforts in that area. Each monograph includes a timeline of important events and critical government responses and interviews with industry leaders, according to EarthTimes.org.

"We've come a long way since 9/11 in confronting aviation security, cyber security, emergency preparedness, but it is important to recognize that only a few days after 9/11 our nation was confronted with a major anthrax scare, and we have collectively not focused enough over the past decade on bio-hazards or bioterrorism," Marc Pearl, the council president and CEO, said, EarthTimes.org reports. "The opportunity for new and emerging disease threats to be deliberately introduced into susceptible populations, where it can rapidly spread to infect people, animals, and agriculture, necessitates heightened vigilance, leadership, and responsibility from governments and the private sector."

The Homeland Security and Business Council is an organization of companies with interests in the national security industry. It was founded in 2004 with the stated purpose of bringing together industry leaders and policy makers to discuss relevant issues in homeland security.