Obama calls on businesses to fight bioterror

The Obama administration recently announced a new biodefense plan that moves funding towards technologies that are intended to stop the effects of biological weapons that could be used in an attack.

The goal of platform technologies is to find responses to threats that do not include single-target drugs and vaccines, which have proven to be problematic and expensive to develop, NewsMax.com reports. Multi-use platforms are seen as the most likely solution to the single-use problem.

The onus is now on the backs of American entrepreneurs to find the means of developing such solutions. Federal funding and initiatives are now showing up to support them.

The new federal funding provides a major incentive to find devices that have the potential to remove or fight any virus in the human body, whether man-made or not, according to NewsMax.com. Success would have a global impact for the company, or individual, that discovers the technology.

In comparison to the funding set aside for first-responders since 9/11, far less has been done to support medical entrepreneurs, academics and universities in their quest. Part of the problem has been the extreme expense inherent in developing single-use therapies and devices. A single-target vaccine could exceed $1 billion to develop.

It is hoped that the support of the Obama administration will help to find a way to treat the body for relatively less expense than more conventional means, NewsMax.com reports.