NCPA holds workshop on transportation of chemical components

The National Committee for Prevention of Arms held a workshop on methods to transport weapons with chemical components in Doha, Qatar on Monday, highlighting some of the clauses contained in the recent Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty.

The workshop was attended by multiple customs department officials from Gulf countries and a delegation from an international organization for the prevention of weapons, the Gulf Times reports.

“It is important that customs officials at the various sea ports and airports in the GCC countries be fully aware of the stipulations and mechanisms contained in the international treaty,” NCPA chairman Brig Nasser Mohamed al-Ali said, according to the Gulf Times.

Al-Ali went on to say that the alertness and awareness of these customs officials will lead to safe and peaceful operations in the entry ports in each country and overall tranquility and peace, the Gulf Times reports. The movement of goods between the 500 free trade zones in countries throughout the world must be monitored with full vigilance to ensure there are no violations of the international treaty, Al-Ali said.

The nation of Qatar recently affirmed full support for the CWC treaty, which is committed to destroying chemical weapons and regulating the development, use and possession of multiple types of weapons of mass destruction, the NAM News Network reports.