Canadian lab cited as a facility vital to U.S. interests

The Cangene lab in South Winnipeg has vaulted into the international spotlight after it was named on a list of facilities vital to United States interests in a WikiLeaks posting of sensitive documents.

The lab produces hyper immune products, some of which, if approved, could protect against potential bioterror weapons, including botulism and anthrax, according to Global Winnipeg.

Cangene has had large contracts with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, though previously the pharmaceutical lab had been obscure. Local students at the University of Manitoba voiced their concern about the reveal of information.

“That’s very scary,” two students on the University of Manitoba’s campus said, according to Global Winnipeg. “But I guess it’s something you want to know because it affects us directly.”

“The fact that we’re a target for terrorism, that kind of takes me by surprise,” another student said, according to Global Winnipeg. “And the fact that that’s in (our) backyard gets me a little nervous.”

While there was only one other Manitoba location disclosed in the WikiLeaks posting - the Pembina Border Crossing - there are multiple other Canadian sites mentioned, including the James Bay Power Project in Quebec, the Sanofi Pasteur Ltd., facility in Toronto, and the Pickering nuclear power plant in Pickering, Ontario.