Al-Qaeda planned on using poisoned perfume

Saudi authorities recently claimed that Al-Qaeda militants planned to use poisoned gifts to kill Saudi government and security officials.

"Using poisoned perfume which they planned to send as gifts is one of the ways the arrested people planned to carry out their assassinations," an interior ministry official said, according to

The militants also planned to rob banks and companies in order to gain funding for their operations.

Last month, Saudi Arabia reported it had captured 149 militants who were raising money in order to carry out more advanced plans, according to

Security forces said that the militants belonged to 19 different Al-Qaeda cells and that there were 25 foreigners among them. The groups apparently had further links to militants in Somalia and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been fighting off militant groups like Al-Qaeda for years and managed to quell a three year campaign of violence in 2006. In 2009, the Yemeni and Saudi wings of Al-Qaeda merged into a new group - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - that is reportedly based in Yemen.

The group recently became more daring and innovative, and in October, Saudi security forces managed to foil a major bomb plot that involved mailing two devices from Yemen to the United States. A tipoff based in Saudi Arabia ended the attempt.