Plans announced for Olympic security

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones announced plans for Olympic security recently at a conference put together by the Royal United Services Institute in London, detailing security exercises that will prevent terrorist attacks during the worldwide event.

The National Olympic Exercise Program will be developed to bring together all security members with key roles during the Olympic Games and to prepare them for counterterrorism scenarios along with other crisis management situations, Home Office reports.

“To this end a rigorous testing and exercising program is about to start involving all levels of management and responsible parts of government – right to the top,” Neville-Jones said, according to “We have already held a number of successful exercises, most notably Exercise Citius Torch in July which brought together around 200 of those who will perform key roles in the Games.”

Neville-Jones said that her audit and review of the current security arrangements will allow her to set the balance between budgetary and safety concerns.

The day after London announced that it would be hosting the Olympic Games in 2012, a series of terrorist suicide bombings occurred in the city, killing 52 and injuring approximately 700. Neville-Jones made reference to the attacks in her speech and said that the United Kingdom will continue to respond to the severe terrorism threat level head-on.