Training programs to combat CBRN offered

The Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science of the Defense Research and Development Organization has started offering training programs to paramilitary forces, private and government institutes and health organizations in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear information.

This new series of programs, which has been devised as a result of nuclear and chemical threats, includes health institutes like PGIMER, where nurses and doctors will be provided with training to prepare them to deal with CBRN victims, Indian Express reports. 

“Today, more than the CBRN threat from other countries, it is the threat of proliferation of such highly devastating agents into the hands of terrorist organizations across the globe,” Dr. Rakesh Sharma, additional director and head of INMAS’ Division of CBRN Defense, said, according to Indian Express. “Also, there could be incidents where the disaster is a natural one, as was the recent case of Delhi University’s Cobalt-60 disaster. In contrast to the high intensity of threats, the awareness is very low among professionals and public.

"Keeping this in mind, for the first time INMAS would have a CBRN training institute where paramilitary, employees at government organization, health institutes and civilians would be trained to prepare them for any CBRN mass casualty.”

INMAS had previously published a 250 page book focusing on the medical management of CBRN incidents that was distributed in hospitals like PGIMER.

The training will be based on existing defense techniques against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks and will be modified for the requirements of the civil sector.