Fort Detrick citizens question health risks

Residents of Frederick, Maryland, who live close to Fort Detrick are demanding action after recent documents have surfaced that point to the dumping and experimentation of hazardous chemicals, including bioweapons, in the ground within hundreds of feet of their homes.

Hundreds of community residents either have cancer or have died from it and many people believe it is the contamination of the soil that they farmed, the air that they breathed and the water that they drank, reports.

“I feel like I have this enemy across from me,” Dottie Blank said, according to, “We’d go over there and see them bury the drums and the bottles to the landfill and the trenches.”

Blank, a 77-year-old resident of Frederick, worked at Fort Detrick. She has two forms of cancer and told that more than two dozen of her neighbors have died of cancer. She blames some of her health issues on her former employer.

“Of my 17 cousins that lived in the neighborhood here, nine developed cancer and six would die and four died in the 40s,” resident Gerald Koehl said, according to

Documents obtained by say that “biological waste, animal carcasses, chemicals and sludge from decontamination systems…were disposed of in unlined trenches.”

Findings from the National Cancer Institute indicate that Frederick County has the highest cancer rate in the state.

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is incensed by the lack of government intervention despite these findings and testimonials.

“The first thing to do is make sure it’s safe,” Cardin said, according to, “We don’t want anyone living or working where it’s not safe. The federal government has to take responsibility.”

Fort Detrick has denied interview requests and released a statement that said, “There is no public health risk,” reports.