French mosque receives anthrax hoax letter

French officials announced recently that a mosque in Strasbourg received an envelope containing a white powder and a threatening note aimed at Muslims.

Strasbourg City Hall said that the threat was directed towards the members of the local Eyyub Sultan mosque, which serves the areas Turkish community. Two employees there found and opened the envelope on November 12, according to the Canadian Press.

Inside the envelope, the Canadian Press reports, was a half burned page of the Koran and a threatening letter.

An official who would only speak on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak with members of the press said it was clear that the white powder was not anthrax, but said it has yet to be positively identified, the Canadian Press reports. Police sealed the site while chemical experts arrived to examine the powder.

In a public statement, Mayor Roland Ries of Strasbourg condemned the act as racist and pledged to identify those behind it as soon as possible.

Mosque spokesman Yaha Nalbant said that one of the pages in the envelope had Koranic verses on it and was partly burnt, while the other bore a printed message that read, “Get out of our land while you still can. Your choice: a suitcase or a coffin.”

"This needs to be properly dealt with," Nalbant said, according to the New York Post. "It's nothing but provocation."