Concerns raised about potential North Korean bioattack

British diplomats have recently announced some concern that North Korea may strike South Korea with biological weapons during the G20 summit in order to create an attention grabbing event.

Among possible scenarios, diplomatic sources revealed, are an incursion into South Korean waters, missile testing in South Korean airspace and even the use of biological weapons filled balloons against Seoul, according to the Telegraph.

“There has been some speculation that North Korea would try to disrupt the summit,” a diplomatic source revealed, according to the Telegraph. "They are in the midst of a succession. The leadership must want to demonstrate it's more than business as usual."

Last month, Kim Tae-Young, South Korea’s defense minister, warned that North Korea could potentially launch attacks he called provocative during the succession period.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced concerns ahead of the G20 meeting that U.S. President Barack Obama will attend. She reportedly went as far as to ask Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo to ensure that North Korea abstain from such displays, the Telegraph reports.

British officials said on November 10 that the U.K. position remains that it hopes to see the six party talks concerning North Korea’s nuclear program continue, as well as the firm pressure of international sanctions.