White powder scare in New York

A white powder sent to the corporate office of the firm that operates and owns New York Sports Clubs in Greenburgh, New York, was not a biological weapon, according to police.

The powder was sent in a suspicious envelope from somewhere in New York state, according to LoHud.com.

The first floor of the office building of Town Sports International, located at 399 Executive Blvd., was forced to evacuate on Tuesday morning after receiving the envelope.

The address on the white, business-sized envelope did not indicate a particular recipient, police Capt. Christopher McNerney told LoHud.com. He said that the suspicious envelope was mailed from outside of Westchester County and did not offer additional details pending the results of an ongoing investigation.

The envelope came into contact with four employees after its 10 a.m. delivery, including a woman who touched the unknown white powdery substance on the folding ridge line of the letter, LoHud.com reports. Afterward, the woman reported itching and skin irritation.

The evacuation included over 70 people from the first floor of the building while a mobile decontamination station was set up to treat the postal worker and the four employees, LoHud.com reports.

The evacuation and decontamination included a team effort of multiple local and federal departments throughout Greenburgh and Westchester County.