Indian authorities test air for bioweapons as part of Obama's visit

Indian authorities examined the atmosphere outside the Parliament house in New Delhi, India, for signs of a possible biological or chemical terrorist attack during President Barack Obama’s visit this week.

"The security measures were such that nothing was left to chance," a source told "The National Disaster Management Authority even measured the air quality outside Parliament House to warn of possible biological or chemical attacks."

At Hyderabad House and Rajghat 2,000 personnel from New Delhi and the central districts were deployed on all of Obama’s routes. Indian forces provided the major security cordon with U.S. personnel guarding the innermost two rings. Checks were carried out every two hours.

"We ensured that all possible routes that Obama might take were sanitized and closed for general traffic well in advance," the source told "The final routes were, however, decided by the US secret service using satellite imagery. The cavalcade consisted around 30 cars — including the two presidential cars, a mobile control room, embassy cars and ambulances."

The Union home ministry and the Delhi Police did, however, stop Obama’s team from carrying their weapons inside Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament House. They cited protocol as the reason. The Indian agencies pointed out that even their prime minister’s security detail was not allowed inside with weapons beyond a certain point.