Assistant secretary of AOS calls for greater promotion of anti-bioterror resolution

Albert Ramdin, the assistant secretary of the Organization of American States, recently called for the greater promotion of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 in the Americas, which deals with biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry.

Resolution 1540 specifically mandates the implementation of controls on equipment and material associated with biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry and criminalizes its proliferation, reports.

Ramdin made his comments at a meeting hosted by the Permanent Mission of Finland in New York City.

“To make Resolution 1540 work, we need to demonstrate that there are tangible development benefits to countries that take measures to promote and implement the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” Ramdin said, according to “1540 must recognize the diversity of primary interests in the Americas and, to that end development objectives must be combined with efforts to improve security.

“Fostering ownership and buy-in among the different stakeholders in society would eventually generate political will from governments, legislative representatives and non-state actors.”

The meeting ended with call from the Austrian government for a second meeting to discuss the resolution’s renewal and the role regional organizations can play in promoting full compliance at the global, as well as the regional, level, reports.