Ohio man with ricin was planning "war"

According to a newly obtained FBI affidavit, castor beans, the critical component in making the chemical agent ricin, were found in the raided home of Thomas Wineiger, of West Toledo, Ohio.

Wineiger allegedly told his wife that he hated the government, particularly law enforcement and the Internal Revenue Service, the Toledo Blade reports. Though Wineiger is not believed to be connected to any known domestic terrorist plot, his wife said that he was “getting ready for a war.”

Toledo police arrested Wineiger on October 26, after his wife called authorities and said she feared for her life after being threatened, according to the Toledo Blade.

A search of an out-building on Wineiger’s property revealed what the FBI is calling a sophisticated clean air laboratory filled with petri dishes, jars and test tubes. Police seized a cache of hallucinogenic mushrooms in 916 jars, as well as cocaine and several firearms.

The West Toledo man will face multiple charges, including a federal charge of possessing a weapon despite a previous felony weapons conviction, three charges of drug abuse, and one charge each of trafficking in drugs, cultivating marijuana and possession of criminal tools.

His bond was set at $150,000 dollars, but the U.S. Marshal’s Service has applied a federal hold that will bar his release, the Toledo Blade reports.

Wineiger’s attorney, Charles Boss, told the Toledo Blade that little should be made of Mrs. Wineiger’s statements to the FBI, claiming she was clearly saying whatever she could to get him in trouble after an instance of marital discord. He called the claims of ricin production “a bunch of nonsense.”

Nine Toledo police officers went to area hospitals after searching the home. Two were treated for exposure to chemicals.