Convergence 2010 counter-terrorism conference set to open Nov. 3

Experts and security agents from 30 countries will join together with the FBI at the Convergence 2010 counter-terrorism conference from November 3 through November 5.

The conference will include a demonstration of the Germfree mobile forensic laboratories that provided threat assessment at the G8 and G20 summits, as well as the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Germfree's new mobile rapid-response laboratories provide detection, forensic capabilities and surveillance that can accurately identify suspicious materials, including chemical, radiological and biological agents.

“These labs are a significant advancement in on-site threat assessment,” Keith Landry, president of Germfree, said, “We have produced the first commercially manufactured, mobile high-containment forensic laboratories.”

The mobile Germfree units provide command, control and critical resources for incidents and high-profile events that have typically only been available at large fixed-site facilities. The new technology leads to a smaller gap between investigator, first responder and incident commander.

“During national events, I believe that it is critical to have facilities and capabilities to receive and classify and, if possible identify, questioned samples (potentially containing chemical, radiological or biological threats) rapidly and with high confidence,” Dr. Dennis Reutter, a CBRNe expert, said. “As a matter of practicality and logistics, those facilities and capabilities must be in near proximity to the national event. I believe that the mobile laboratories that have been fabricated by Germfree for the Canadian Government represent a flexible, mobile and important contribution to filling this critical need.”