General Physics Corp. to provide N.H. with CBRN training

General Physics Corporation, a global performance improvement solutions provider, has announced that it will award a seventh Domestic Preparedness Equipment Training Assistance Program Training Assistance Visit to the state of New Hampshire.

The training will supplement in-progress training given to the Regional Hazardous Material response teams in the state and it will focus on Personal Protective Equipment and Hazardous Materials detection.

Altogether, GP has given over 3,500 hours of training to over 950 responders in the state of New Hampshire.

“The Southeastern Response Team personnel have stated that the training provided was some of the best that they have attended,” the regional emergency planning committee director for southeastern New Hampshire said, “The instructors were thoroughly knowledgeable on all the detection equipment and presented an excellent class. We have already scheduled them to return for a PPE class.”

To develop DPETAP, GP partnered with the United States Army’s Pine Bluff Arsenal and the Federal Emergency Management Agency National Preparedness Directorate. GP has operated the program since 1999 and has provided technical assistance and training for more than 93,000 first responders in 47 states, two territories and the District of Columbia.

“GP provides DPETAP training for responders that helps them prepare for hazardous responses, regardless of the cause,” Craig Seger, the senior vice president for GP, said. “The state of New Hampshire has demonstrated their commitment to preparedness by contracting directly for this training to improve the readiness of these highly trained teams for any hazardous material response. The residents of New Hampshire can be proud of the dedicated responders in the state.”