Israel prepares for biological, chemical attacks

Officials with Israel’s Home Front Command recently announced that they are preparing for a wide range of scenarios, including the possibility that Hezbollah will one day obtain biological or chemical weapons.

A recent drill simulated missile attacks in Tel Aviv and on Bloomfield Stadium, in Jaffa, Israel, where hundreds of “spectators” were preparing for a soccer match, the Jerusalem Post reports. During the drills, a chemical attack was also simulated with an actual cloud formed near the impact site.

Home Front Command officials said that in the state’s 62 years of existence, it has never been attacked by a chemical or biological missile. Officials also told the Jerusalem Post that they do not count on that trend to continue.

As a result, senior officials reported that they have begun a wide array of different drills and scenarios including the possibility that Hezbollah will one day obtain chemical weapons.

To prepare for this eventuality, officials said that two years ago they awarded Elbit Systems, Ltd., a contract to build a state-of- the-art simulator to train commanders in dealing with the fallout from chemical or biological attacks.

The training simulator is housed at the Home Front Command headquarters, near Ramle, Israel. It includes 50 different stations. The simulated missile attack drill was the simulator's first large-scale inaugural drill.

Lt. Col. Nir Golkin, head of research and development in the Home Front Command, told the Jerusalem Post the simulator enables commanders to train for threats that are almost impossible to drill in the field.

“It is extremely difficult to simulate a chemical missile attack in Tel Aviv,” Golkin told the Jerusalem Post. “On the simulator, we can insert all of the different parameters and make it seem as real as possible. That way, we can test commanders in their ability to deal with the fallout and dispersion of the chemical agent.”