Nigeria affirms commitment to BWC

Nigeria confirmed on October 25 that it is firmly committed to the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention.

The announcement was made by Secretary to the Government of the Federation Yayale Ahmed at a regional workshop on the BWC being held in Abuja. He said biological agents were a risk not to be toyed with, according to

He added that the misuse of biological agents could impact society by increasing illness and long term disability or cause death.

"An important strategy for successful defense against any threat in public health is early detection, identification and monitoring of disease and toxins in a community as well as treatment," Ahmed said, according to

Ahmed also announced that the Nigerian National Authority and Chemical Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention had been formed to be the focal point for both the biological and chemical weapons conventions.

The agency has been tasked with the responsibility of working with local and international organizations for domestication and implementation, reports.

"Nigeria, with the support from the European Union, has produced draft bills for the national implementation of biological weapons convention and chemical weapon convention as well," Ahmed said, reports.

The BWC, an international treaty, is tasked with handling and disposing of biological agents without posing a threat to a nation's populace.