Secretary of State Clinton calls on NATO to prepare for bioweapons

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently said that NATO must anticipate and adapt to meet new challenges, such as the proliferation of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Clinton made her remarks with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates at a meeting of NATO alliance foreign and defense ministers in Brussels on October 15, reports.

"Relying on the strategies of past decades simply will not suffice," Clinton said, according to the State Department. "NATO began as a regional alliance, but the threats it now faces are global, and its perspective must be global as well.

“And to be a security alliance in the 21st century, to remain relevant and effective, NATO must have the capacity to anticipate and protect against shifting security challenges from terrorism to ballistic missiles, from cyber attacks to the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Relying on the strategies of the past simply will not suffice."

The recent meetings were geared towards NATO’s adoption of a new strategic concept. If accepted, it will be the first major update to NATO’s security strategy in more than a decade. More talks will occur during a major summit to be held in Lisbon, Portugal.