Former Indian president calls for increase in biopreparedness

Former India president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam recently stressed the need for a greater role in technology to help prevent biological attack.

While recently delivering the Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa Memorial Lecture, Kalam said in order for India to prevent biological attacks, the country needs to assimilate better technology in all agencies involved with security, reports.

“If this trend of terrorism is allowed to continue, it is possible to even see terrorists attempting biological attacks on consumables like water and milk, which are sourced from multiple points, stored and processed in a central location and distributed to multiple regions simultaneously,” Kalam told

He said that better technology is also needed to counter and match such threats.

“To match and counter such threats, there is a need of assimilation of better technology and cutting edge systems in all agencies involved with security of the nation," Kalam said, reports. "As defense experts, all of you may like to study, research and deploy the counter terrorism technologies of the future in all its training."

Another point he focused on was the the role of armed forces, which is now being confined only to war scenarios.

“With its skilled human resources, technological expertise and the spirit of national service, the Armed Forces has contributed (to the nation) even in time of peace,” Kalam said, reports.