Russian expert says terror networks searching for bioweapons

The head of Russia’s Security Council recently announced that the country’s security agencies believe international terror networks are doubling their efforts to gain access to biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Nikolai Patrushev voiced his concerns during a recent security conference at the Black Sea Resort, in Sochi, Russia, reports.

“We have such indications,” Patrushev said, reports. “Worldwide, terrorists have also tried to buy radioactive material for a dirty bomb.”

Following the Security Council meeting, Patrushev told the press that intelligence reports indicate that energy production would be one area targeted by terrorists. He specifically named the Suez Canal in Egypt and the Strait of Gibraltar as potential targets.

Patrushev also said that he believes al-Qaeda is involved in the bloody conflict unfolding in Russia's Caucasus region, reports. The region, which has seen two Chechen wars, could be of great interest to terrorists.

“Al-Qaida's main goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate spanning Central Asia, North and Central Africa and the North Caucasus,” Patrushev said, reports.