Terror group threatens biological war in India

A biological war in India's northeastern state of Assam has been threatened by a terror group claiming to be Indian Mujahideen (Assam) if their supporters are not immediately released from the Guwahati Central Jail.

An email from the group was received by News Live, a satellite TV channel in Guwahati, GlobalSecurity.org reports. The email was then telecast as part of the channel's news bulletins.

Tohik Khan, who claims to be the marketing chief of the alleged terrorist group, signed the email, which threatens the Assam government with a biological war if the group's demands are not immediately met.

“Free all our Jihadi brothers who are in Central Jail, Guwahati, stop all activities against Jihad in Assam, stop all project of develop (sic) in Assam,” the email said, GlobalSecurity.org reports. “For your kind information, biological war contain (sic) all disease that make death to all and biological weapon too.”

Police in Assam have begun an investigation into the email's origins and its IP address.

“We are taking the matter seriously and already experts are on the job to ascertain from where the email originated and also about the credentials of the group on whose banner the mail was sent,” Pallab Bhattacharya, the inspector general of the Assam Police, told GlobalSecurity.org.

An unnamed police official told GlobalSecurity.org that the police are unaware of any terrorist group name Indian Mujahideen (Assam) but will investigate it fully.