EU holds bioterror attack simulation

Amid reports of an al-Qaeda plot to attack Britain, France and Germany, and Norway’s arrest of three men plotting attacks in Oslo and Copenhagen, the EU recently tested its response coordination capability to a simulated biological attack on a European soccer championship.

The EU exercise, the fifth of its kind, was conducted from September 27 through Sept. 29 and examined the role of first-responders in the fields of health, transport, border control, public order and civil protection in an emergency, according to

The simulation centered on a hypothetical bioterror attack during the European soccer championship that will occur in 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. The EU claimed that the testing was conducted successfully.

"The lessons learned in particular with regard to information sharing and communication will allow for further improving the crisis coordination arrangements," an EU announcement read, according to

News of the simulation broke following an announcement by U.S. and European officials that a Pakistan-based terrorist group with al-Qaeda links had been caught in the planning stages of a Mumbai-style attack in Britain, France and Germany.

"This plot was in its embryonic stages," an unnamed British government official told the Associated Press.

Separate developments in Denmark and Norway saw the arrests of two men who have confessed to planning attacks on a Danish newspaper, the Jyllands Posten, and the Chinese embassy in Oslo. One of the men was a Norwegian citizen of Chinese-Uighur origin. A third man was also charged in connection with the plots.