Former health minister blames Bangladesh outbreak on government

Bangladesh's former Health Minister Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain has laid the blame on the country's government for its failure to slow down the anthrax outbreak that is currently gripping the country.

Mosharraf made the comments earlier this week in an address during an anthrax summit that was organized by the pro-BNP physician’s platform and the Doctors Association of Bangladesh, reports.

“The disease has spread like an epidemic due to the government's indifference and vaccines distribution has been delayed,” Mosharraf told

Former Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdullah Al Noman also criticized current government officials. Al Noman alleged that the government was wrong to declare a red alert over the spread of the disease, which created unwarranted panic among residents.

Mosharraf, in agreeing with Al Noman, told that the first case of human anthrax was found in Sirajganj one year ago. He argued that the government should have taken greater preventative measures earlier on.

“It could be possible to control the disease quickly if the government created awareness among the people properly,” Mosharraf said, reports.

Al Noman said the cattle traders have been affected mostly due to the red alert.

“We have to create mass consciousness to overcome the situation,” Al Noman said, according to “The government should make the vaccines cheaper.”

According to Bangladesh officials, more than 500 people have now contracted anthrax from infected cattle. No human fatalities have been reported to date.