Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., awarded contract for next-gen anthrax vaccine

Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., has been awarded a $186.6 million contract for the development of a next generation anthrax vaccine.

The contract is supported and funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority.

The contract, according to HHS, will be used to create a new vaccine that uses a protective antigen to stimulate an immune response that neutralizes anthrax toxins. In the first two years of the contract, the Rockville, Maryland, based Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., will develop the final formulation of the vaccine. It will then conduct comprehensive tests on its stability.

HHS has the option to extend the contract annually for the next three years  after the initial two year period in order to support plans for scale-up and optimization for large-scale manufacturing, as well additional studies the vaccine will need to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If the contract runs for the complete five years, it will be worth a total of $186.6 million.

The advanced research and development contract was awarded from BARDA through a flexible federal government contract tool that is known as a Broad Agency Announcement. Broad Agency Announcements seek to identify and support innovative and promising new technologies for the advanced development of technologies in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear research.