Suspicious powder sent to three embassies in Tel Aviv

Suspicious envelopes containing white powder were sent to three embassies in Tel Aviv this week, prompting fears of an anthrax attack.

The envelopes, which also contained notes, were sent to the United States, Spanish and Swedish embassies, police told AFP..

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP that three separate envelopes were sent to three separate embassies and, at each, were opened by embassy staff who found a suspicious white powder.

Rosenfeld said that no one at any of the embassies appeared to have been harmed, but that the matter was still under investigation and the white powdery substance was still being analyzed by authorities. No details were provided on the content of the notes or who might be behind the incident.

“A suspicious envelope was found and our security is working with the local police to sort it out,” U.S. embassy spokesman Kurt Hoyer told AFP, without providing further details.

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, letters containing anthrax spores were sent to several news media outlets and the offices of U.S. senators. Five people were killed.

The FBI closed its investigation of those attacks following the 2008 suicide of the main suspect, who was a researcher at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.