Anthrax infections in Bangladesh on the rise

The number of new confirmed cases in the Bangladeshi anthrax outbreak has reached 30, bringing the total to 193, according to officials.

Anthrax infections have been detected in two districts, Kushtia and Tangail, despite government assurances that the outbreak was under control. This week there were 16 new cases reported in Dharmadaha village in Kushtia and 14 others in a village in Tangail, according to the Financial Express.

An official from the health ministry, speaking anonymously, confirmed to Financial Express that the new cases were reported after at least 127 people were infected with anthrax in August in two other districts, Siraganj and Pabna.

Saleh Ahmed, a health and family planning officer in Kushtia, confirmed the reports and added that a team of officials visited Dharmadaha on September 1.

"Treatment is being administered to the afflicted and our workers are in place. The relevant authorities have been informed, to help detect further infection," Ahmed told the Financial Express.

A resident of Dharamadaha, Sharif Uddin, reported that 20 to 25 goats became ill a few days ago. Some had been slaughtered and the meat sold in the village.

"Five to six people became sick after consuming the meat; skin lesions were found on their body," he said to the Financial Express.

The villagers of Tangail told a similar story. There, the afflicted noticed wound-like lesions over their bodies after being involved in the process of slaughtering and distributing meat from an ailing cow that was later found to be infected with anthrax.