Bangladesh says anthrax outbreak is under control

Bangladesh's health minister and resource minister have announced that the country's recent anthrax outbreak is under control.

 The outbreak has led to 127 confirmed infections in the northwestern Sirajganj and Pabna districts, reports.
According to, Bangladeshi Health Minister AFM Ruhul Huq told reporters that more than enough anthrax vaccine was being distributed to both affected and unaffected cattle and goats.
Huq said that treatment with antibiotics has been successful for people sickened with anthrax. He also said that anthrax-stricken cattle will have to be buried as soon as these animals perish.  
Efforts are also being made to ensure that livestock do not migrate towards Dhaka. Officials and health ministers will guard an important bridge route in order to contain the outbreak within the outlying villages, reports.
Anthrax is a disease spread by infected hoofed animals. It can be deadly in humans, particularly in its weaponized form when spores are released into the air environment. Many cases of anthrax that originate from affected animals result in cutaneous outbreak forms in people, which are treatable in roughly 70 percent of cases.
According United Nations figures, Bangladesh is the world’s most densely populated country among those with a population greater than 20 million. It has a total population of more than 170 million people.