Israel begins prepping for biological, chemical attacks

In preparation for the possibility of regional war, Israel military officials have been enhancing skills to fight and defend itself against non-conventional weapons attacks, including biological attacks.

Officials with the Israeli Army told that they have expanded a specialized unit trained to fight while under a chemical, biological or nuclear attack. Additionally, the Army has established a training center to help prepare troops to become part of its Combat Engineering Corps.

Colonel Ari Hoze, head of the Center for Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare, said the adjustments are necessary.

“The idea is that the battalion will be part of a training force with constant cooperation between them,” Hoze told

Officials have determined that Hizbullah has been receiving chemical warheads for its huge missile and rocket arsenal. They also believe, reports, that Syria is expected to join in the regional war by firing both biological and chemical-tipped missiles and rockets toward Israel.

The specialized training, Hoze said, is a way to help prepare Israeli troops for this eventuality.

“Starting this year, the soldiers of the ABCW unit were enlisted separately from the rest of the Combat Engineering Corps,” Hoze told “We are in the process of extending the training course from five to eight months, and are increasing the intensity of the battalion's training courses, so that it will be identical to every other battalion course.”

Hoze said the planned battalion will also specialize in identifying and neutralizing agents used in weapons of mass destruction.

“The battalion will enable other forces to continue their combat operations despite an ongoing ABC [atomic, biological, chemical] attack,” Hoze said, according to “It will evacuate, decontaminate, and protect the forces. The battalion knows how to detect and identify chemical warfare materials, and will help soldiers to decontaminate and return to the field.”