IDF to release updated chemical attack treatment handbook

Officials with the Israeli Defense Forces Medical Corps have announced that they plan to distribute an updated instructional booklet on ways to identify and treat different types of chemical wounds.

The booklet, which has been a year in the making, is an update to a similar guide published in 1998, reports. The new guide, however, features updated and more comprehensive information on chemical warfare substances. It also features details on treatment methods from various chemicals and details on how to apply this information to troop readiness.

Lieutenant Colonel Ram Sagi, head of the Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare branch of the Medical Corps, told that the guide contains crucial information for medical crews.

“This instructional booklet is the bible for medical crews having to deal with chemical warfare,” Sagi told “We are currently starting to distribute it, with the goal of handing out a few hundred copies.”

Sagi said all IDF medical crews take chemical warfare courses during their service training and maintain their readiness for such attacks through exercise drills. Sagi said his branch of the Medical Corps helps develop these drills and simulates chemical attacks on robotic simulator dolls.

Sagi also noted that the revised guidebook will be another way for the Medical Corps improve their professional knowledge of chemical weapons and attacks.

“It will be open and available for all medical personnel in the field, and will allow them to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for such scenarios,” Sagi told