Anthrax infections in Bangladesh continue

Twelve additional people have been infected with Anthrax in Central Bangladesh, authorities say, bringing total infected to 163.
During the recent outbreak in the dairy producing villages in and around Sirajganj, reports, the number of infected people has risen as anthrax-infected beef from nearby communities was consumed. The number has climbed steadily despite officials continuing to make attempts to halt the spread.

Authorities have begun an education campaign and vaccination program, Education programs were held in Belkuchi and Kamarkhand, and all cattle in the surrounding villages are to be vaccinated for anthrax. Thus far, no human deaths have been reported.
The anthrax form affecting the Bangladeshi villagers is a cutaneous form that produces black lesions on the skin. While not directly transferable between people, anthrax produced spores are able to infect people through the air. As the threat of bioterror anthrax has grown, attention is also focused on preventing and containing naturally occurring anthrax breakouts.
Representatives from the World Health Organization and the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research were on hand to oversee developments, reports.
Bangladesh is the seventh most populous country in the world. The south Asian nation also has the highest population density in the world among countries with more than 10 million people, according to a 2005 United Nations study.