Powder filled envelope delivered to Penn. home

Officials with the FBI said that they are investigating a suspicious package delivered to a Blue Mountain Lake Estates home in Stroud Township, Penn.

Stroud Area Regional Police were dispatched to 22 Witness Tree Circle shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday after an envelope containing white powder was opened by a woman at the home, police told PoconoRecord.com.

A one-block area was cordoned off by police and officials. The area volunteer fire department were on scene along with the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management. A special infectious disease room was also prepared at Pocono Medical Center, officials said.

Scranton Postal Inspector Dave Conklin told PoconoRecord.com that the material was tested using a mobile spectrometer with a built-in database of hazardous substances.

Bruce Henry, deputy director of the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management, told PoconoRecord.com that the material has been declared non-hazardous. He did not, however, specify exactly what the substance was.

According to Henry this was the first “white powder” incident he has responded to in the past four or five years. In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, his department fielded approximately 83 calls in a matter of a few weeks.

“Anyone who spilled Coffee-mate in the office, we were called in,” Henry told PoconoRecord.com.

Henry said it was not known what the substance was, but the response followed the county's standard operating procedure. The substance has been sent away for further testing.