Flir Systems acquires ICx Technologies

Flir Systems, Inc., makers of thermal imaging technology, announced on August 16, that they are acquiring ICx Technologies, Inc., the makers of chemical and biological detectors, for a total of $274 million.

The merger will give Flir the capability to expand into the market for advanced sensors for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives detection for homeland security and defense. It is also expected to boost Flir’s existing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance product line, according to

The boards of both Flir and ICx have approved the acquisition agreement, as has ICx’s largest shareholder, Wexford Capital LP. When the deal is closed, ICx’s entire operation will be merged into Flir’s Government Systems Division in Arlington, Virginia.

ICx, which is also based in Arlington, Virginia, employs approximately 800 people, half of whom have Ph.D.’s in science and engineering-related fields. Many of its CBRN detection devices are hand-held, or at least mobile, but they can also be installed in security card readers, air conditioning systems and vehicles.

ICx also offers a CBRN detection suite that can be installed to protect an entire office, building or complex. To complement their CBRN products they also deal in video and radar devices as well as security command and control systems.

While other Flir divisions make products for commercial markets, Flir’s Government Systems Division relies on government customers who use hand-held and fixed vehicle-mounted thermal imaging systems for force protection, counterterrorism, search and rescue, navigation, law enforcement, narcotics interdiction, border patrol and anti-piracy.