Senator Lindsey Graham receives powder-filled letter

White powder found in a letter received by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham's office is currently being tested by state officials.

Jennifer Timmons, a state law enforcement division spokeswoman, told that agents were sent to Graham's Greenville, S.C. office on Thursday after they were alerted to a letter that was filled with a powder.

The substance, Timmons says, does not appear to be harmful, but it was sent to a state health department for analysis.

Graham was not in the office when the powder was found, Kevin Bishop, a spokesman for Graham, told WIS-TV.

As a precaution, the office was closed on Thursday but was opened again on Friday.

Graham, a Republican, is currently the senior senator for the state of South Carolina and serves on the Armed Services and Judiciary Committees. Graham served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 through 2003. He was assumed his Senate office on January 3, 2003.

Graham served in the United States Air Force from 1982 until 1988. He then joined the South Carolina Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He served as a Judge Advocate at McEntire Air National Guard Station during the Gulf War. In 2004, he was promoted to Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.