Jamaican man who threatened anthrax attack appears in court

A man who threatened to release anthrax into the air conditioning unit of a downtown Kingston, Jamaica, building appeared in court on August 10.

Maxie Robinson was charged with creating public mischief over the incident and begged the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court for leniency. He claimed that “really bad men” forced him to make the claim and that he only complied to save his life, according to the Jamaica Star.

Robinson explained to the court that the “really bad men” were, in fact, drug dealers that wanted to cause a diversion in the city so that they could transport their narcotics unmolested.

Local police investigators claim that Robinson fabricated the drug dealer story.

Regardless of the story’s truth, Robinson repeatedly told the court that he regretted the incident and the resulting waste of time of the court and the police. He said that he was basically a man of good deeds who always tried to be helpful to police in the past.

Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked Robinson if he understood the kind of damage his actions might have caused should the media have been made aware of his anthrax threat.

Robinson was remanded until August 26 and a probation officer was assigned to the case.